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Date/Time: 29th May - 4th of June (starts at 6pm uk time)
Plot price: £5000
Theme: Hot and Cold

Voting poll will be up shortly after the build comp ends on the Sunday 4th.

More info here.

Edit: Competion over, vote here

Managed to get a version that works for 1.11.

That should bring back a few of the bosses walking about the world.

Also should bring back Wither Skeletons in the nether.

MythicMobs and MythicDrops have not been tested together properly.

Good Luck!


Also for the DEFAULT tier item drops with MythicDrops goto HERE

With MythicMobs currently down things on the server are a lil too vanilla.

So, to add a little more excitement to the server i've added a plugin called MythicDrops.

Non-related to MythicMobs though.

This plugin will add new random drops.

With added random properties on each generated item.

There is a few different tiers of items based on which mob is killed.

Also there is a chance of items being dropped with Sockets.

Special GEM items with properties similar to potion effects can be added to your socket items

for your own person customization.

Best items will prolly drop in the Nether.


Legendary drops from the EnderDragon and the Wither


Have Fun,